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"A Thousand Drops" Print by Antoinette Powell- 8" x 10"

SKU: TP-P8X10-13|400000042279

Nature's Ephemeral Beauty Captured in “A Thousand Drops” by Antoinette Powell

Antoinette Powell's impressionistic painting, "A Thousand Drops," will transport you into a world where nature's beauty and water intertwine in a mesmerizing display. The print showcases a single, radiant hibiscus flower, its warm red petals in full bloom and delicately cradled by the contrast of vibrant green and gold leaves. A thousand glistening raindrops adorn the flower, each one a shimmering testament to a recent shower. A soft afternoon sun bathes the scene in a warm, ethereal glow and infuses the painting with tranquility and warmth.

Antoinette Powell's "A Thousand Drops" captures the profound beauty of nature. Through masterful brushwork and the skillful use of light, the artist captures the essence of a hibiscus flower caught in the aftermath of refreshing rain. 

  • 8” x 10” Matted Print
  • By Antoinette Powell
About the Artist– Annette Powell is an artist from Eden, Utah. She served as a volunteer at the Polynesian Cultural Center for two years. Taught by some of the finest artists in the Mountain West, her style is impressionistic with soft brushwork and highly chromatic color. She took advantage of afternoon sunlight to capture her impressions of the lush landscapes, diverse cultures and Polynesian activities that take place in the Center. She hopes that her paintings will resonate with visitors’ experiences and will serve as a happy reminder of their memories for years to come.