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Vör Walnut Butter (11oz Jar)

SKU: 67b580e4

Vör walnut butter is made with dry roasted walnuts to give you a nut butter that’s nutritious, pure and incredibly delicious.
With ingredients so pure, there’s no need for added sugar, salt or extra emollients.
If you see a layer of natural oil on top of your Vör walnut spread, that’s proof of its purity! Simply stir to recombine and enjoy.
Because we like our roasted walnut butter pure and simple, the way it should be.
Our mission is to produce simple and delicious foods, made with only pure and wholesome ingredients. We strive for plant-based approaches to both our food and packaging that promote good health and environmental sustainability. Our products are Certified Vegan and Certified Kosher, so you know you're getting the best products possible.
Our Aquafaba Powder is the perfect egg white substitute. It is 100% plant-based and made purely from chickpea broth. It is the key to flawless vegan cooking and baking. Use it for baking, meringues, whipping into soft and hard peaks, mousses, fudges, nougats, ice cream, vegan dairy products, icings, marshmallows, mayonnaise, and many more possibilities!